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Antifa – Discover the Networks

Forward by yours truly
Carlos David Aguilar

Antifa is another manifestation of Leftist ad-hoc theories combining to undermine America’s culture, our traditions, and Political Institutions. What we are witnessing is the demise of this movement and the Democratic party which gives it sanction, that now engages in what looks to many like behavior a mentally ill person would display.

Their ideas always have to out crazy the last one, but with microaggressions and safe spaces as the latest incarnation and crown jewels of intellectual deliberation and discovery that could be difficult.

The Antifa kids don’t see the irony of what they claim to be fighting and the actions they deploy to combat this non-issue of a modern day Fascism that the Trump Administration is ushering in. Donald Trump could be the least ideological President the country has ever known. He was a Democrat for most of his life and as to the false charge of Trump being a racist, there’s been absolutely no evidence of that and up until the time the powers that be saw that he could win the claim was never made. He has numerous awards given to him by black organizations and leaders. So, if we’re to stay consistent with the thought and admonitions of say Rapper Snoop Dog, we would have to consider the blacks that gave Trump numerous awards for doing good things in the black community, Uncle Tom’s right, hardly just organizations recognizing a man who cared about their communities.

How have these students and many of their professors who make up the ranks of Antifa gotten so twisted? Well, over 30 of Leftist indoctrination by a Domestic terrorist turned Social Justice pied piper, Obama father figure, guy from around the way who Obama sat on multiple charitable boards with and funneled millions of dollars to via grants, Bill Ayers Distinguished Professor of Education who spent over 30 years creating a anti-American, anti-White Social Justice curriculum and then wrote the manual on who to teach this abomination.

That’s how.


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