Bernie Sanders: From “Stand-up” Socialist to Leftist Fraud


David Livingstone Abolitionist & Explorer wrote of the Arab slave trade:

“To overdraw its evils is a simple impossibility … We passed a slave woman shot or stabbed through the body and lying on the path. [Onlookers] said an Arab who passed early that morning had done it in anger at losing the price he had given for her, because she was unable to walk any longer. We passed a woman tied by the neck to a tree and dead … We came upon a man dead from starvation … The strangest disease I have seen in this country seems really to be broken heartedness, and it attacks free men who have captured and made slaves.”

What Livingstone sees as a disease of brokenheartedness, I see as man’s spirit being broken.

Man’s spirit can be broken in different ways, not all through physical force.

Bernie Sanders and men of his ideological bent don’t use physical force, at least not first. They first have to convince you of something they are not, like in the title of their political affiliation. Sanders uses Democratic Socialist, an excellent example of an oxymoron. There’s nothing Democratic about Socialism, the administrators of the Socialist utopia, steal your earnings and distribute them without your say. Taxation without representation rings a bell.

I guess we’re now supposed to believe, that there is a new breed of career politician out there, the “Democratic Socialist,” like Bernie Sanders who isn’t corrupt, aside from buying votes with the promises of Government Freebies, using the tax dollars of other citizens to fund programs they never approved, sounds legit.

Free Healthcare, Free College, more cradle to grave entitlements, that our government cannot afford, because our government can’t tax enough of the so-called 1% to cover the 18 trillion dollars of debt our leaders have racked up over the first 2 and a half centuries of our Republic, much less the extra 18 trillion economists have tallied Sanders’s “Democratic Socialism” would cost. Moreover the principles and values this country was founded on, many cemented in our Constitution, and our Free Market Capitalist economy stand in direct opposition to Socialism and it’s morally bankrupt ideology. Other than the economic impossibilities of Sanders’s government freebies promise, free benefits that are given to people that have “no skin in the game,” who are in large part responsible for whatever financial situation they find themselves in, provided by citizens that are strangers, is as Immoral as it gets. 

“Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.”

Winston Churchill

Democratic Socialism is even worse. It’s the fraudulent title failed Socialists have given themselves. Socialists who didn’t have the drive or intelligence to lead other Socialists in large political movements, we know Bill Ayers,  Tom Hayden, Huey Newton, Mark Rudd, etc. where the hell was Bernard? Other Socialists didn’t have the nuts to go all in, and go full Commie so they’ve been waiting in the shadows, while others did the work. 

The Democratic Socialist is at best, a grifter, living off the success and blowing the gains made by real men, men who took extraordinary chances creating this nation, risking personal safety and personal fortunes. From the first settlers who put into practice the idea of Tabula-Rasa, building a new society from a blank slate to a couple guys in an American garage creating a device that has revolutionized the world. 

In a recent development, a former citizen of the Soviet Union makes my point using an economy of words, I guess a red blooded American Capitalist is incapable of, enjoy Garry Kasparov:

“2016 seems like a strange time to be arguing the merits of socialism in an American presidential campaign. But it’s also strange for the prospective leaders of the free world to be talking about the KKK and their appendages, so clearly this year is not like any other. While the latter topics are, thankfully, beyond my purview, I have a great deal of interest in socialism.

Last week I expressed some of these thoughts on Facebook after hearing a clip of “democratic socialist” candidate Senator Bernie Sanders on Super Tuesday. This was already a rarity, considering how little time the networks have left after their blanket coverage ofDonald Trump’s latest outrages. My post on the nature of socialism was 113 words long, a quick response to critics of a cartoon I had posted of Bernie Sanders wearing a baseball cap reading “Make America Greece Again.”

My goal was to remind people that Americans talking about socialism in the 21st century was a luxury paid for by the successes of capitalism in the 20th. And that while inequality is a huge problem, the best way to increase everyone’s share of pie is to make the pie bigger, not to dismantle the bakery.

Men who were the Creators of ground breaking inventions in flight, medicine, production, energy, and weaponry.

Sanders is an old school Marxist, all he’s done is change the name by placing a much more palatable label In front of his Marxism, it’s an old Leftist trick. They will put Peace, Democracy, and other harmless adjectives to draw in the unsuspecting idealist. Leftists are professional liars and morally bankrupt. Proven in practice to be economic failures, Marxism’s worst side-effect is that it breaks man’s spirit. That’s essentially what Communists believe they have to do to create a “New man.”

Wilhelm Reich asked in 1933:

“Will the new socioeconomic system reproduce itself in the structure of the people’s character.”

He has his answer, and it’s a resounding no.  Socialism does in fact expose many human frailties it fosters the worst traits in man. Theft is it’s mechanism or tool, in practice Socialism is the “legal” theft of the results others have produced through their ideas, creativity, hard work, ingenuity, talent & ambition. The others Churchill has deftly immortalized, Failure, Ignorance, and Envy, creating equally miserable results.

Socialism attracts miserable people who are ignorant, envious failures, that won’t leave the rest of us alone. It’s the unattainable equality of results and outcomes. Government can’t make the work ethic of two different people equal. Government can’t make the speed, quality, and timelines of two different employees equal. Equality of opportunity is all governments can even attempt to provide, even failing in many of those instances. When government and the experts it employs dispense their version of equality, rarely do their outcomes meet it’s most basic definition. Socialists never acknowledge or admit their failures, always laying blame on people or entities subserviant to their power.

The 2008 Housing Bust is THE shining example of the government interference causing horrible inequality and suffering spread throughout our country, but mainly the people it uses as victims, examples of an unfair lending system.

The Clinton administration wanting to get home ownership numbers up within minority group, threatened banks along with his AG Janet Reno to loosen lending standards to those who otherwise wouldn’t have been able to get loans, not thinking or caring abut unintended consequences. With help from the media, Hillary is claiming it was Wall st. That strated the 08′ housing crisis, when her husband plus the Fed artificially lowering interest rates, were the main culprits. I’ve simplified a more nuanced issue, but Clinton is the root cause. 

There’s a great YouTube video of the Bush administration warning the house finance committee chaired by Barney Frank, that Fannie Mae, and Freddie Mac were in trouble, Frank reassured everyone who could hear, that the housing market was still a solid investment, in 2003. The Republicans and the Bush administration’s Treasury people made multiple warnings, proposed 2 bills to provide more oversight and the Democrats voted against the bills unanimously. Republicans predicted exactly what would happen and it did.

Bernie Sanders is a Leftist, hence he is a lying fraud. Wall st. playing loose and fast wasn’t the cause of the 08′ economic crisis and they’re not the enemy, Leftists masquerading as Americans with your best interests in mind, endorsers of the Constitution, and protectors of Liberty are the enemy.

 Carlos David Aguilar

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