Conclusion: Teaching for Social Justice is Bigoted, Dumbs Down Students and was created by an America Hating, White Privileged A-Hole!

I started researching Teaching for Social Justice more intensely when my stepson, on what seemed to be a weekly basis, would make inaccurate or incoherent comments regarding Geopolitics, Social Issues (Pimarily Race), or America being a less than fair and just nation. Not once have I heard him portray America in a positive light. So it’s been difficult to say the least. 

There were early warning signs. He was maybe 9 or 10 years old and in elementary school, when we were driving to go out for a Friday night dinner.  He was sitting in the back seat and it was unusually quite when he made a disturbing comment. He said we we’re killing the planet. My wife, girlfriend at the time, saw my face and knowing my position on Man-Made Global Warming, did what I would call a preemptive strike, before I could ask where he had heard such a thing, she told him the planet wasn’t dying, but we do need to take good care of it just the same. Now there wasn’t much I could say after that, we do need to be good stewards of the planet and I didn’t want to ruin A Friday night out. I was assured that he wasn’t learning about Global Warming in elementary school.  I would later find out this was not the truth.

Delving into websites like Rethinking Schools, Edutopia, and Free Minds Free People, which are billed as resource sites, you find much more. Which is to say you can learn the whole and disturbing truth about what constitutes a “Social Justice” education, their ethos, new and bizarre classes, lesson plans,and teaching techniques. Some are designed to be culturally specific to foreign students. So precious time resources are wasted making a utterly insignificant % of students feel like they never left their home country. As much as foreign students are made to feel comfortable in a Social Justice curriculum, native born White students are not. They are birdened with fictitious sins of an assumed ancestry. Considering their age and what is supposed to be an educational setting, a Social Justice education could be the worst form of  hypocrisy and bigotry America currently has to offer. Looking at these sites was both a humorous and sobering experience.

R.J. Rushdoony writes,

“The last refuge, in the defense of public education, is the assertion that the public schools are “neutral” when it comes to ideology and values. “Christian schools impose Christian values on children,” goes the argument, “but the public schools expose children to all points of view and let them make up their own minds.”

“The neutrality claim is, of course, false; in fact, it’s impossible. “Statist education is not neutral, every subject in the curriculum, every textbook, and every regulation involves a non-neutral judgment.” And “to neglect the religious faith which is basic to Western civilization is not only not a neutral stance, but in fact one of aggressive hostility.” It’s simply not possible to be neutral: everything you choose to put into education, and everything you choose to leave out, necessarily involves a value judgment.

But public education doesn’t just fail to achieve the neutrality it claims.

More and more, public educators are purposely indoctrinating children into a far-left political ideology, employing the label “social justice education” as camouflage.”

Trust me it’s all Leftist propaganda and every single issue is on the radical left, we’re not talking left of center, we’re talking far left.  Two Social Justice Educators (Juliet Alejandre and Rebecca Walz) in a rare interview were quoted: 

Social justice is about taking very seriously the ‘justice’ part and to really look at what’s happening in your community and in the world,” Ms. Alejandre said. “Social justice is wanting for others what you want and taking steps to make it happen.”

“It’s making sure that every individual has the resources to develop as much as he or she possibly can,” Ms. Walz said.

The two educators discussed some of the obstacles to achieving social justice:

  • “Power and the imbalance of power.”

  • “Systemic oppression in the form of policies, social networks, blindness, and numbness toward those on the margins of society.”

  • “Obviously patriarchy, within the traditional family.”

“A very narrow understanding of religion—although religion itself need not be an obstacle.”

Ms. Alejandre elaborated on their comment about the family: “About 80 percent of the people we serve are Latinos,” she said, “and the family is kind of at the core for them. So the family is important—but we mean the family without the patriarchy.”

“There will be more social justice education in America as it catches on,” Ms. Walz predicted.

Given time constraints (the women had a scheduled meeting to attend), it was not possible to ask them what they meant by “patriarchy” or “a narrow understanding of religion,” or who would be in charge of “making it happen,” etc. But we can guess.

“Social justice is wanting for others what you want, and taking steps to make it happen.”

—Juliet Alejandre, Kelvyn Park Social Justice Academy, Chicago

Kids in our public school system on the taxpayers dime, are learning to dismiss their parents authority, which I’ve experienced first hand, hate America, and be bigoted towards Christianity and Whites.  The latter is not based on some of our ugly historical truths, but learning about past injustices, without context.  American History is taught in a vaccum, meaning without reference to the time, era, and certainly not the cultural norms of the day. This brings me to one of the more serious issues I faced with my stepson.

The Founding Fathers are now discredited as just a bunch of old white, slave owning, racists. But that’s the point, discredit the Founding Fathers and you discredit the Constitution which they authored. Without a credible legal document that governs the nation, it’s much easier to write all new laws. If discrediting the Founding Fathers wasn’t enough, the theory of a “The living Constitution” is their back-up, being taught as fact and not as a progressive idea forwarded by the Woodrow Wilson, but it’s taught as fact. These 2 major falsehoods are what my stepson has come away with after 4 years of AP Social Studies, American History, and Government classes at The Preuss School.

After learning during the 2008 campaign, a friend of our current President was not only part of the New Left, but a founding member of the Domestic Terrorist group the Weather Underground. Moreover Bill Ayers had a respectable position as “Distinguished Professor of Education,” at the University of Chicago, Illinois.

William Ayers

At the time I guess I thought it was strange, A former 60s Radical that planted bombs in government buildings that actually went off, was a Professor anywhere. But there was no collective outrage, which does happen from time to time on the right, like when Bush thought he was going to pass an amnesty bill, we shut down the phone lines calling our senators and congressmen, the bill was stopped.

I had declared myself a Conservative not only 5 years prior in 2003, after 5 years of experiencing Conservatism for myself and reading more books than I had in college, David Horowitz’s deeply personal Radical Son stood head and shoulders above all and was the bookend to my political conversion.

When reading Horowitz you learn how the left fights, actually how Leftists fight, the Democratic Party of JFK even Bill Clinton, is finished. I learned how invested they are in education, just recently David was on local radio with Mark Larso here in SD and said, “There was a 40-year war for the University and Conservatives that lost without throwing a punch.” We’ve just recently seen Princeton students

become a party it seems whose soul purpose is to destroy any an all traditions, values, and beliefs that made this country the lone Superpower in the world.

I grew up in a time when there was no ambiguity, we hated Communism and were suspicious of anything that had a whiff of totalitarianism. We saw video of Russians waiting in line for bread, WTF! I remember competing against the Russians in various sports and their athletes always looked pissed and unhappy, I knew there was something very wrong. As athletes Americans get pissed, but there’s even more joy, satisfaction, and definitely more personality.

These trends carry over into teacher preparatory programs where, in a review of statistics from 2000, the RATE study revealed that teacher educators are predominantly white and fewer than 20% of all professors are non-white (Zimpher, 1989). The system is failing its students plain and simply. We need a democratic system that is more balanced around student needs.

We believe that English education can disrupt such inequitable hierarchies of power and privilege. As a field of process, practice, and research, we are committed to interrupting current practices that reproduce social, cultural, moral, economic, gendered, intellectual, and physical injustices

Carlos David Aguilar

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