Mexican Gov. is a Deadbeat Dad

image1. I have contented for years that we are not focusing on the right leader or country regarding our immigration crisis. We’re always looking for ways to  accommodate those asking or not asking permission to come into our country. It’s all very backwards.

2. It’s morally wrong to give amnesty to people who have on their journey to the US, most likely paid for an underage prostitute, who has been made to have sex against her will, multiple times then crossed our border illegally, close to 80% of the time with bales of mostly Marijuana, Meth, Cocaine, and Heroin.

After sucessfully making it to the interior, they assume stolen Identities, get jobs our teenagers used to work, depressing wages, and cutting out any bargaining leverage  for struggling American minorities to enter that lower rung of the job market. Illegal immigrants cost California schools 25 billion, I could hammer the numbers, but you can extrapolate.

Presidents of Mexico over the last 3 decades, have done nothing, not a thing for the citizens of Mexico. At one point President Vincente Fox described himself as President of 123 million Mexicans 100 million in Mexico and 23 million in the United States, a figure that includes Mexican Americans not born in Mexico.

Think about how morally bankrupt that statement is, it’s despicable. He can’t take care of the 100 million Mexican citizens he’s the President of, without regard to his previous statement claims to be the President of the 20 plus million illegal aliens living here in the US. He’s corrupt as well as his government, top to bottom. It will be a long time before Mexico can start to provide for it’s people.

Essentially Mexico is a deadbeat dad.

I caught this story at neontommy, the story written by Steve Helmeci at USC Annenberg I’ve included a few paragraphs of one of the many horrific stories told in the column.

The Terror Two Hours South

Incredibly, human rights violations and appalling atrocities bordering on autogeoncide have been occurring in Mexico for years, but it was not until I had a conversation with a man who has family in the country that I became aware of the depth and breadth of the senseless violence against citizens just a few hours south of where I sit now.

The source, who for the sake of his family’s safety I will not name, pointed me in the direction of atrocities committed by the Zeta Cartel – in existence since their 2010 split from the Gulf Cartel and now widely considered one of the most prominent and most violent cartels in Mexico – with regard to the disappearance of multiple busloads of people in 2011 that has since been dubbed the “San Fernando Massacre.”

READ MORE: Mourners Plan Candelight Vigil For Missing Mexican Students

Los Zetas hijacked several busses and kidnapped every person on board, then proceeded to force the men to fight to the death with knives, machetes and other crude weapons. Those who were alive at the end of the bloodsport were usurped into the cartel and often made to go on suicide missions, such as being forced to go to rival gang-controlled areas and open fire. The source noted abuses of the women and children taken hostage as well, including forcing them into slavery, though media reports focused on the gladiator-style death matches between captured civilians.

The Mexican Government is telling us is we want the  50 billion dollars in renumerances.  That’s what they get, 50 billion dollars a year. Think of the logic of that.  Somebody comes here and washes dishes and toils and lives at minimum wage or sells flowers at the corner or comes to your house and cuts limbs for cash and he scrimps and saves and sends on average about $600.00 or $700.00 a month back to Mexico.  

The Mexican government is saying, we didn’t offer our people adequate social services, we don’t really care about the interior provinces where indigenous people live who don’t speak Spanish.  So we’re going to send them up to you and then adopt them as a cause celeb and make them work under very harsh conditions so they can send money back and support their families in a way that we wouldn’t dare do and are going to call you racists if you question that.  That’s pretty Orwellian.  That’s what the Mexican government does. 

Only when we force Mexico to take care of its own poor, will the situation improve for Mexican nationals. Nor can we give amnesty  to  12 -15 million that are here illegally, not assimilated. It would never end. 1st Reagan’s, plus another much larger one.

We need to create policies that hammer businesses that hire illegals, stop the ridiculous 14th amendment and birthright citizenship, it’s  interpreted  incorrectly, it’s a wonder how we got this far.

All these common sense ideas would lead to large amounts of self deportation, not needing to pull people out of their homes, go to businesses, anything of the sort. There will just be no Avenues to work, and with serious interior enforcement those with idle hands lingering outside of Home Depots and other gathering spots, will get picked up. Construction sites, hotels, restaurants,  predominately places where illegals tend to work will see a lot more inspections. While the process of self deportation will be slower, it will give us ample time to streamline legal immigration applications and get people in here for doing it right. There are 2.5 million spending thousands, learning English, and the civics of our country.  They are are adhering to the rule of law which is a pillar of our culture, they’re paying extraordinary amounts of money, especially for them, and showing world class patience. I will take those kinds of immigrants over some American citizens born here.

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