Religious Liberty Under Assault…Except for Dangerous Islamists

By: Daniel Horowitz | October 15th, 2014

After the Supreme Court gave the green light for lower courts to ban state marriage laws, we noted that this issue will cast a wider net than a debate over marriage documents.  By enshrining alternative-style marriages into our Constitution and making it a civil right under the 14th Amendment, any supporter of traditional marriage is now delegitimized and private entities will now be harassed and targeted for their personal beliefs.  We noted how the sexual identity movement is already using the boot of the government to violate private contracts and private property rights of anyone who disagrees with them.

The local government in Houston has become the latest group of politicians to pass legislation allowing men who say they are women to enter female bathrooms.  This in itself is a threat to ordered liberty and the civil society and living proof that the sexual identity movement will not stop with forcing states to recognize their marriages.  But in this instance, the radical Mayor and city councilmen in Houston went even farther.

Houston residents successfully gathered the requisite signatures to require a ballot referendum on the bathroom bill to be placed on the November ballot.  But as Breitbart News reports, after illegally rejecting the certification of the signatures, the Mayor issued a subpoena to some local pastors demanding that they turn over the content of their sermons.  Presumably, the Mayor wants to ensure that the successful petition drive was not borne out of people exercising their First Amendment rights in opposition to the LGBTUVWXYZ bathroom bill.

The amazing irony of targeting peaceful pastors for their religious beliefs is that nobody on the left is calling for radical jihadist Imams to turn over copies of their sermons.  As Investor’s Business Daily notes, there are numerous mosques in this country that preach violent jihad against America and have encouraged people like the 20th hijacker Zacarias Moussaoui, the Oklahoma City beheading suspect Alton Nolen, and the ISIS-American suicide bomber, Moner Mohammad Abusalha, to commit acts of murder and treason.

The travesty of justice in Houston should serve as an open rebuke to those within the center-right coalition who feel that we must abandon the fight on these issues.

This chilling violation of basic rights should scare all Americans across every sector – religious, secular, conservative, and liberal.  The travesty of justice in Houston should serve as an open rebuke to those within the center-right coalition who feel that we must abandon the fight on these issues.  Nothing short of religious and personal liberty is at stake with those who seek to enshrine every aspect of the radical sexual identity movement into our laws and use the power of government to force their extreme agenda on private citizens and religious institutions.

Unlike opposition to mixed gender bathrooms, preaching murder and treason while harboring terrorists is something that should concern the government.

It should also concern liberals because, after all, they undoubtedly despise the sexual identity crowd.  And as they have shown, their preferred method of opposition is not through referendum petitions.
But alas, those who begin institutionalizing the eradication of gender differences will have a difficult time seeing the differences between liberty and tyranny, peaceful political opposition and violent insurrection.

Photo credit: Violette Lough

TAGS: Religious Freedom, Islamists, Leftists

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