Established Establishment Tactics

By Carlos David Aguilar

Keep this in mind.


Clinton Corruption

Those who have tried to undermine Donald Trump’s presidential run from the very outset making him a victim of the establishment and setting the stage for a horrific Third Party run, are now feeling emboldened. The Donald’s poll numbers are down, especially amongst women. Don’t get comfortable in that space.

Hillary Clinton’s negative poll numbers with women are at around-58%, Trump -68% respectively. Throw in margin of error and Trump under polling, the gap isn’t that wide, if at all. I think with the environment we’re in, it’s safe to say many who intend or are thinking about voting for Trump, don’t announce it. Just a trivial thought, but I have heard a lot of men over the years complain about women who always go for the A-Hole. Maybe they’ll vote that way.

As for Trump and a Third Party run…why would anyone want to stay with a party and it’s reviled establishment types that are rejecting him on every level, in every form of Conservative media and behind the scenes? Add in the Democratic apparatchik and he’s been thoroughly abused, with justification in many cases.  

Charges of Bigotry, Racism, Xenophobia, Islamophobia, and Fascism are not anything close to being justified, and are reserved for the intellectually dishonest, ignorant, and those with a English proficiency of the 3rd grade, and did i say grossly ignorant. We need to have a “national conversation” on the definition of these very serious slanders. People are flippantly using these words and have no idea of their meaning or their potential consequences.

The voters are strongly and vociferously saying they want Trump, and in an election cycle that will be thought of as the anti-Establishment election, it will be more known for and more studied as,  A CLINIC IN WHAT NOT TO DO if you’re trying to stop somebody from getting elected…Titled Established Establishment Tactics:
How Karl Rove, NRO, Glenn Beck, Leftists, Bill Ayers, George Soros, paid protesters, Mexico & Black Lies Matter couldn’t stop the Donald.

Karl Rove types getting together and scheming to force a contested convention would be a ridiculous and pathetic idea in the Climate Change of anti-Establishment politics. But being an establishment member means that’s exactly what you do, it’s instinctive. The ethos is keep doing things exactly the same way, at exactly the same time, in the same climate appropriate smokeless backroom strategy sessions to come up with a RINO to run, break out the olé playbook: Established Establishment Tactics 101. Authors Karl Rove, co-Author Rick Wilson, inspired by John McCain, Mitt Romney, Lindsey Graham, Bush 41, 43, and Bob Dole.

Rule 1. Choose milk toast Republican Harry Reid & Nancy Pelosi will approve of, so we can govern, ick.

Rule 2. Use draconian rules to defy the wishes of the voter.

Rule 2a. Find more rules, send Rove out with his white board, have him get into the weeds on the rules, put everyone to sleep.

You get the idea, none of it works, Trump keeps crushing.

I kept saying to myself after the McCain diss, which to me the son of Vet was pretty horrific… this is different. Being the rationalist that that Combat Vet taught me to be, I continued to listen and what I saw that day and almost everyday after was a developing strategy. Now a strategy that is garnering diminishing returns.

This is pure speculation, but I think Trump read Coulter’s Adios America, calculated Hillary was fatally flawed and finally committed to something he’s wanted to do for a long time.

That strategy was…Whatever the Media, Establishment, or Left is offended by, whatever pseudo-strategy, or way to go forward and seem more presidential is offered, do the opposite, do exactly the opposite of any and all suggestions, solutions, and establishment ways forward.

Voters are hunkered down, Social Media is geeked, if you’re not with us you’re against us, oh the righteous indignation.

Whoever came up with the ingenious idea of NRO’s whose who cover, devoting a whole issue to columns denouncing Donald Trump a lifelong Democrat, as a non-Conservative, wasn’t a good moment and a serious unforced error. I really couldn’t believe that at this point after everything we’d seen, everything that not only didn’t hurt him, but launched him into the top spot, the inteligencia at NRO, many who have helped shape my Conservatism, chose to do that. It looked extremely desperate and I felt a little sorry for Conservatives I really respect.

I think they see in Trump something they’ve spent decades trying to undue, the caricature that Democrats have painted about them, as dumb, white trash, racists, sexually uptight, or the white privileged frat boy bully rapist, that have phobias about everything. Intolerant religious freaks from another era, dog whistles abound. The caricature isn’t true, so they come up with the silliness of white privilege, microaggressions, and safe spaces. They mock Patriarchal families and glorify single mothers, but they’re being rebranded the “Regressive Left.” Think about the advantages the left has, they literally can buy votes. Whatever special interest group, whatever shade of skin you have, they have a classification for and they’re going to create a government program for it. Identity politics, it’s pathetic. They bring out division and seperation with hyphens and Conservatives talk about common culture, we don’t see any color, class, or gender… our programs are for all Americans.

So what do you do when you have no ideas? They break up everybody into class, race, gender, sexual preference, foreign culture and train everyone to demand you see and empathize accordingly. There’s a slight around every corner, a Band-Aid not your color is now inappropriate, a sign of white privilege.

They take advantage of a citizenry that is busy working, taking care of families  and doesn’t have the time to examine every issue, that’s why we have two thousand page bills not even it’s  champions have read. 

Maybe our Conservative leaders could have been better served creating a cohesive set of columns, explaining Conservatism from the ground up for all the new voters Trump was attracting. I have a collected over 400 National Reviews when I embarked on my Conservative sojourn, they were extremely helpful. When Obama became candidate I learned all about Liberation theology, Latin American Marxist political art, voter fraud (Fund), along with Byron York’s dismantling of (D)CA Henry Waxman trying to find corruption in the Bush Administration with Cheney ties to Halliburton. York explained  LOGCAP a super contract competed for and rewarded not to Halliburton, but their subsidiary KBR, and it has been bidded upon. It’s always nice to have the tool chest debating conspiracy theorists. Then there’s one of the greatest reads in the past two decades by NRO writer Jonah Goldberg, his “Liberal Fascism,” the Democrats history of Fascist policies. I think Jonah single handily put an end to Conservatives being called Fascists until recently.

I think a great opportunity was missed.

Didn’t it dawn on any of our  “Republican Strategerists” that every time an attack was launched, it never worked, moreover it emboldened Trump, energized his followers, and got him the top spot.

Lobbying for a Contested Convention by cats like Erik Erikson from Red-State, Glenn Beck, and a host of others, reeks of Established Establishment Tactics. Ted Cruz wisking away delegates in New Orleans, legally I might add, doesn’t help. Knowing Trump as a counter puncher that’s all about retribution what could go wrong?

Using establishment tactics against the anti-establishment front-runner is probably the worst idea ever.

Books will be written about this campaign and election, the solution some will arrive at, would’ve taken the least amount of effort, but probably the hardest and most disciplined to execute. 

Do nothing, go against every emotional impulse you have and do nothing. It would seem pulling back, not playing into emotions, and responding with a more disciplined subtle strategy would have been an example of Conservatism. 

Telling an electorate disgusted with the Establishment who they need to vote for, is myopic.

Conservatives who are sitting in a think tank, writing for a neoconservative weekly, or a website not friendly to Trump, you’re now “Establishment.” You’re just going to have to wait it out, until some sense of normalcy is regained.

How many times do Conservatives have to say Donald Trump is not a Conservative? The more you give weight to the idea, potential voters not  familiar with Conservative tenets will start thinking there’s something to it.

Sometimes the hardest thing to do, is to do nothing, it goes against human nature. Doing nothing might have been the best thing to do in the year of the anti-establishment, especially if you don’t know how to do anything other than Establishment tactics and politics. That’s not necessarily a bad thing.

When Trump was absolutely 100% dead wrong, out of his mind, batshit crazy, the answer was to double down on the NeverTrump canon, not dissimilar to his followers.

Let’s take a breath, regroup, assume he’s going to win. Let’s come up with a plan to inform him and the Trumpikins about the tenets, values, and pillars of Conservatism. 

It’s been said the best way for America to export Freedom, Democracy, and Free market Capitalism, is to be the best example of those very things.

So let’s be that good example for the Donald.

And Pray.

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