Our good friends to the south:

By Carlos David Aguilar



Our good friends down in Mexico take their immigration policy very seriously as a column I link to at the very bottom by Humberto Fontova points out as Raphael Alejandro Hernandez a young Cuban lawyer who lives in Mexico, confronts Jorge Ramos on Mexico’s treatment (Torture) of immigrants coming across their southern border.

My Thoughts,

Amnesty advocate Jorge Ramos, who has dual citizenship has never spoken unfavorably about Mexico’s immigration policies, so I wonder if he’s a hypocrite or liar, probably both.

Maybe if Mexican nationals like Jorge Ramos spent more time and effort trying to figure out the corruption and economic problems that plague Mexico, they actually might be able to get back some of that pride I keep hearing about. Currently I see no hint of self respect or National pride displayed by Jorge Ramos, Vincent Fox, or any other so called leader from Mexico.

What I do see a lot of is scheming, veiled threats, and warnings of demographic changes that will be used to win elections. 

Ok, let’s fast forward into a fictitious future, will say 2035, where all of San Diego County has been handed over to the Mexican Government.

What does that look like when Americans are gone and Mexican leadership given the keys to a fully realized functioning city, with all of its advances in sanitation, public transportation, buildings with structural integrity, emergency services like Police, Fire, and state of the art hospitals. Close your eyes and picture that for a second or two. Actually ponder it for about a minute.

I always wonder what the Bigots in La Raza and the Reconquista movement think would happen if they were actually handed the keys to the Ferrari.

Just simple logic tells you to take a quick look at Tijuana, Mexico right across the border. It’s 3rd world and it’s main source of income is tourism, on the legal side.

Some of the most violent murders involving the Drug Cartels occur in San Diego’s neighboring city, their sanitation system is so stuck in the past they have trash cans next to the toilet for you to put your used, you can figure out the rest, but they request that you don’t flush toilet paper down the toilet.

As a frequent visitor to Mexico you start noticing simple things like a crosswalk. There’s a crosswalk tourists as well as others have to negotiate on their way to Tijuana’s World Famous or infamous Revolution Boulevard that sits less than a mile from the entrance to Mexico. This is the main crosswalk in probably all of Tijuana, thousands of tourists cross it every week. When the light turns green you enter the crosswalk and it almost immediately turns yellow, then red within a second maybe two. You are literally halfway in the crosswalk when cross traffic has got the green and you are dead to rights. It’s been that way for years.

All of this seems to make it clear, Mexican Nationals do not hold the same values American do, our cultures are far different.

What’s so frustrating is Americans of Mexican descent, think that they are steeped in Mexican culture. Most who call themselves Mexican Americans don’t know what real Mexican culture is, or Mexican history. Many of these protesters seem to be standing up for a country that still has profound racism, treating Mexicans with darker skin less than those who look more like Spaniards with white complexion. That does have a rape culture. 80% of female migrants according to UNICEF have been raped by fellow migrants, government officials, and coyotes on their way to the American dream. Something I found out researching Mexico’s rape culture is that incest is legal in Mexico and the age of consent by federal law is 12.

Well, you don’t have to take it from me  listen to what some Mexican Nationals and prominent Mexican Americans have to say about our two cultures.

Council of La Raza President (The Race) said in 1995: “The biggest problem we have is a cultural clash, a clash between our values and the values in American society.” He then went on to spell out the superiority of Hispanic values to American values. In similar fashion, Lionel Sosa, a successful Mexican-American businessman in Texas, in 1998 hailed the emerging Hispanic middle-class professionals who look like Anglos, but whose “values remain quite different from an Anglo’s.”

To be sure, as Harvard University political scientist Jorge I. Domínguez has pointed out, Mexican Americans are more favorably disposed toward democracy than are Mexicans.

Nonetheless, “ferocious differences” exist between U.S. and Mexican cultural values, as Jorge Castañeda (who later served as Mexico’s foreign minister) observed in 1995. Castañeda cited differences in social and economic equality, the unpredictability of events, concepts of time epitomized in the mañana syndrome, the ability to achieve results quickly, and attitudes toward history, expressed in the “cliché that Mexicans are obsessed with history, Americans with the future.”

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