Think Logically, use Reason, find Clarity

By Carlos David Aguilar

Dig down deep and ask yourself do you really know what is at stake here and what are you willing to allow if you have the information.

Being able to distinguish those who wish to destroy the fundamentals of America and those who are not versed in the fundamentals of America, is what separates the men from the boys.

I do not endorse Donald Trump, I have pretty much tried to avoid men like him my whole life. The egotistical, over the top, braggart.

I will vote for him.

I can check my selfishness and desire for wanting someone with the morals of my grandfather to run the country, understanding his politics like Hillary’s, for different reasons, would not work for the country.

Hillary Clinton does not have the morals of my grandfather or any moral compass that I can recognize. Moreover her politics don’t resemble any ethos that I know form the pillars of America’s Creed, a Creed that is Exceptional, but is in decline.

For all of Donald Trump faults and there are many, why in the hell would a 70 year old man give up Millions, a cushy top rated TV show, employ thousands of minorities over the years, promoting them, inviting them to family functions, only to get called a racist and a bigot no matter what he does from now until his ticket gets punched?

I would posit that might be someone who sees the greater good of America, someone who saw the Intolerance of Islam and Political Correctness, the dangers of an open border, and alerted me to the 80% of female migrants according to UNICEF, that cross our Southern Border are RAPED.


The Democratic party is willing to barter the security of a nation and the lives of young migrant girls and women from the third world for votes, are you sure you want to be a part of that?

Carlos David Aguilar

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