A Review of Irving Kristol’s Neoconservatism

In “Neo-Conservatism,” selected essays 1949-1995 in Contents under Section II: Race, Sex, and Family 3. The tragedy of Multiculturalism. Irving Kristol the War Monger, basically rails on about how multiculturalism is hurting our young students, especially blacks by filling them with lies, sound familiar? It sounds like Kristol was ahead of the game or at least one of the earlier critics of Multiculturalism.

In another passage he rails on Progressive American Historians, having little use for the Founding Fathers being ideologues leading to their own truths. He meets European’s criticism of our hyper-Patriotism, with the “United States is literally a nation of immigrants, and over the course of time has developed astonishing powers of Assimilation – generating our intense Patriotism. In the same paragraph, “the left in the guise of “multiculturalism,” which has practically nothing to do with culture and everything to do with politics.” Not an endorsement.

In 50 essays not one was spent on spreading Democracy, or military intervention. He praises the Pledge of Allegiance said by all school children in all 50 states and not mandated by legislation but decided by the individual state. So he is a States Rights enthusiast. He then warns the reader that radical teachers are trying to change that. He finds it extraordinary that every sporting event opens with the national anthem. He’s one of only two conservative authors I’ve read talk about American Creed, Common Culture, and American Identity, accurately.

If that isn’t enough to establish his ideological roots, the actual words from the Godfather of Neoconservatism, in 50 essays all written by his hand, there’s something else going on with those who are criticizing.

Kristol states the autobiography is the sum of an intellectual evolution of one American, from a brief youthful socialism, through a long period of ever more skeptical and self-critical liberalism to something that became known as “Neoconservatism.”

It helps to read some background on a public figure, maybe the book that contains 50 ideological essays written by the Father of the Political Ideology you are criticizing. A book that Irving Kristol says gives the complete view of NeoConservatism in his own words.

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