The American Dream

Bill Ayers on American Exceptionalism.
If you don’t feel like reading the whole thing, it turns out we’ve been sold a bill of goods. America is far from Exceptional as Bill explains point by point. As we’ve been binge shopping and eating our government has been procuring nuclear weapons on our behalf, I guess. Men like Dick Cheney have been waging wars against innocent civilians across the globe, in a quest to gobble up the world’s oil. I know we have greater reserves than Saudi Arabia, but environmentalists won’t let us get to it, they would rather we get it from Arabs who don’t give a piss about human rights, much less the environment. So read on, if you think America is Exceptional, you just might need a safe space when you find out how horrible we are.

Bill Ayers

“The American Dream” is a kind of social Rorschach: It might mean a one-family home in the suburbs, a two-car garage, marital bliss plus three beautiful children, or a partridge in a pear tree. Maybe it’s job security or a career, good health or a pension for when you’re old, a college education for the kids, or season tickets to the Bulls or the Knicks. Yes, yes, yes—achieving the American Dream includes picking up some, or preferably all of the above. It surely implies mobility and climbing spryly up the social ladder.
Is the American Dream military dominance, the US astride the world like Colossus, nuclear superiority? Yes, this too. How about the freedom to speak your mind, or the freedom to acquire unlimited cash and shop till you drop? Yes, yes—both. Every cheery politician or run-of-the-mill billionaire will happily tell anyone who will listen: “I’m living the American Dream.”…

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