Leftist Protests: Violence is Academic

By Carlos David Aguilar


I think what we’ve seen over the last two weeks can put to rest the absolute mockery it is to say Anti-Trump protesters are <peaceful.

Knowing the background and education of today’s average Leftist, I won’t hold my breath.

Cowardly men sucker punching, throwing eggs, and surrounding a woman, 1 woman who stood up to at least a 100 young men, until the immoral little weasels, I guess you could call them reporters let her inside the doors after they got their shot.



The protesters yes, these righteous protesters that in my hometown of San Diego the ACLU is looking into their rights being violated by Law Enforcement for getting pushed too far away from the event.  Of course, let the Black Lives Matter, LA Raza, illegal alien, Convicted felon, Muslim Brotherhood sponsored, CAIR, SJP, MSA, 6TH WAVE FEMINIST Cabal of haters get closer to the event. Paid little “Social Justice” rabble rousers directed by the likes of men like George Soros and Distinguished Professor of Education William “Bill Ayers.”

Remember the Chicago rally, Ayers back at home on the grounds of the University of Chicago, in all his self aggrandizing way, the 70-year old, earrings and all had an ominous quote, “We don’t need organized hatred spilling into our center,” and the Domestic Terrorist added, “Trump has galvanized a feeling that there’s something loose in the land. And that something is dangerous. And it’s absolutely Anti-American and it has to be opposed.”


I hope I don’t have to point out the irony in Ayers’s  quotes, but you might be thinking Ayers has matured from his bomb throwing/planting younger days, but I’ll quote Bill from a more recent interview, ” I don’t regret setting bombs,” and a quote codifying all the previous, “the idea that you live your life in phases–I’ve never bought that. I feel like I’m the same person who sat in at the draft board in 1965, I’m the same person who joined a fraternity, I’m the same person who got an MFA at Bennington, and I’m the same person who founded the Weather Underground. My values are still intact.”

Maybe some people haven’t seen the shirts and signs that are mass-produced or videos of anti-Trump activists giving people the middle finger and explaining a popular acronym used for Trump: “FTP” — i.e., “F*** That Puto.” (“Puto” is Spanish for “male prostitute.”) The Mexican children with their parents there guiding and egging them on (No Pun Intended) the vulgarity the media portrays as identifying characteristics of the common Trump supporter.

Of course there are the obligatory signs and claims that Trump is a Fascist, the often mischaracterized ideology that is on the left side of the ideological continuum not the  far-right, assuming Trump has thought enough to have an ideology, which he has not.

One of the more notable moments of a video that made the rounds came when a woman, with police sitting on bicycles behind her, confronted the documentary creators from Rebel Pundit who have documented the Anti-Trump protester violence and now have a target on their backs, tried forcing them to leave.

“You’re a f***ing white man who gets to do whatever he wants to in this space, right? So I’m saying, ‘No, you do not have permission to walk around videotaping women of color and acting like you can do that and the rest of us can’t,’” the woman said.

This is all very academic, leftist protests are synonymous with violence. The Days of Rage as David Horowitz exposed in his book “Radical Son” were protests specifically to induce an overreaction by the police so they could turn the people against law enforcement. We’ve seen the strategy in football work for a long time, where the referee sees the player get the flag for pushing the guy who just gave him an ear hole slap. But back then video wasn’t so complete, every angle and every second of the protests are being taped, now we’re getting to see that initial punch, middle fingers, and veiled threats from a 60s radical that planted bombs in government buildings. A Radical who’s funded by a billionaire not the Soviet Union this time, öwho’s on record saying he wants to destroy America. I guess Bill finally caught on to American politics being local.

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