Obama encourages illegals – Washington Times


Obama is literally sending immigrants to their deaths. Often to very horrific, ISIS style deaths as Drug cartels often use immigrants as ponds or examples of what can happen to resident Mexican Nationals who talk to law enforcement. Sometimes Cartels will murder a in increasingly gruesome ways using violence as a language to deliver a message.

By William Booth

Washington Post Foreign Service Thursday, December 4, 2008

Increasingly, bodies show unmistakable signs of torture. Videos of executions are posted on the Internet, as taunts, as warnings. Corpses are dumped on playgrounds, with neatly printed notes beside them. And very often, the heads have been removed. When someone rolled five heads onto the dance floor in a cantina in Michoacan state two years ago even the most hardened Mexicans were shocked. Now ritual mutilations are routine. In the border city of Tijuana to 37 people were slain over the weekend, including four children. Nine of the adults were decapitated including three police officers whose badges were stuffed in their mouths. “There is a new and different violence in this war,” said Victor Clark Alfaro, the founder of the Binational Center for Human Rights who moves around Tijuana accompanied by bodyguards, “Each method is now more brutal and more extreme than the last. To cut off the heads? That is now what they like. They are going to the edge of what is possible for a human being to do.”


As competing drug cartels and their fragmented cells fight the police, the Mexican army and one another for control of billion-dollar smuggling corridors into the U.S. drug market, the violence unleashed by President Felipe Calderón’s war against the traffickers grows more sensational.

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