Articles: Wrecks, Lies and Barney Frank

Wrecks, Lies and Barney Frank

By Marc Sheppard

Democrats have a lot to hide about their role in creating the current financial crisis and are doing their best to appear blameless with charges directed elsewhere.
Within hours of the fall of their affirmative-action-lending-policies house-of-cards, they rose united to wag accusing fingers at Wall-Street greed and the failures of an unregulated free market.  And even as new transcripts and videos surface daily revealing an irrefutable connect to a decades-old liberal push to increase availability of home mortgages to high-risk minority borrowers, the counterfeit clarion call against “predatory” capitalism continues.   This fraudulent tactic is meant to not only exonerate accountable Democrats — and one Massachusetts congressman particularly — but to provide them cover to insist the same quixotic liberalism fueling the problem be included in any government-sanctioned solution.

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