Sacred Deception – Taqiyya


Sacred Deception – Taqiyya 

Nov 14 2014 | by Bill Warner

I’d like to talk to you about what I find a fascinating topic that is the topic of Islamic ethics, but in particular, a part of Islamic ethics which is called sacred deception or Taqiyya.

Let me give you a few ethical rules that come from the Hadith:

a Muslim does not cheat another Muslim in businessa Muslim doesn’t kill another Muslima Muslim doesn’t touch another Muslim’s wife anda Muslim doesn’t lie to another Muslim

You notice something here? That’s right. You and I are left out because you see Islam is not a symmetric ethical system. The golden rule is symmetric. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” That is, there’s a balance here; the other and yourself are seen as equal. But in Islam if you’re a Kafir, you’re never equal to the Muslim. Islam does not have a golden rule. The Kafir is always inferior.

Now then, let’s talk about lying and deception. First let’s start with the fact that Allah has 99 names and one of those 99 names is he is the best of deceivers.

But Allah is also the best of plotters and schemers so given that, it isn’t too surprising that we find in the

Koran 16:106 “Those who disbelieve in Allah after having believed, who open up their hearts to disbelief will feel the wrath of Allah and have a terrible punishment.”

In other words, apostates can be killed or otherwise punished. But it goes further. “But there is no punishment for anyone who is compelled to deny Allah in words but whose heart is faithful.” So in other words, a Muslim can lie about Islam if it serves Islam. And one of the ways he can serve Islam is that the Muslim is not discriminated against.

Here we have another in

Koran 3:28: “Believers should not take Kafirs (unbelievers) as friends in preference to other believers. Who ever does this shall have no relationship left with Allah.” (In other words, if you’re a real friend [to a Kafir], you’re no longer friend of Allah). “ . . . unless you but guard yourself against them [Kafirs], taking precautions.”

What this is interpreted to mean is that a Muslim can act friendly but he’s not actually the friend. That’s what is wrong. In other words, a Muslim may never give preference to a Kafir over a Muslim. There are, by the way, no less than 12 verses which say that a Muslim is not the friend of the Kafir.

Now let’s turn to the Hadith.
“Mohammed: ‘Who will kill Ka’b bin Ashraf who has offended Allah and his prophet?’
A Muslim: ‘I will Mohammed. Would you have me do so?’
‘In order to kill him, I will need to deceive him. May I do that?’
Mohammed: ‘Yes.’”
So, the Muslim deceived Ka’b bin Ashraf and he did kill him.

What is this? This is the Sunna of Mohammed; it is possible to lie to the Kafir as long as it advances Islam. This is the nature of Taqiyya.

Now there is another way in which a Muslim can lie. There’s a hadith, a fairly well-known hadith, in which there are three reasons for Muslims to lie. One is jihad, that is the struggle against the Kafir. So a Muslim can lie to you anytime he needs to advance Islam

The other is a Muslim a lie to another Muslim if it will make the situation better. And a husband and wife may lie to each other as long as it smooths the relationships in the household.

So deception is part of Islam. Allah is a deceiver. Mohammed was a deceiver, and therefore, every Muslim can be a deceiver. It is so special that it has a name, Taqiyya. So the next time you’re hearing something about Islam that just doesn’t sound right, and it comes from the mouth of a Muslim, you’re right. It’s not right. It’s a lie. It is Taqiyyah.

Thank you

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A few good Responses

Andrew Endres

November 14, 2014 | Log in to Reply

Bill, thank you very much for the update, I definitely want to continue to receive your information.

I need all the help I can get, trying to convince individuals, that Islam is not a religion as they think of their religion, and it for sure is not a religion of PEACE.
I am going to forward you an article that I received, which I think is one of the best articles I’ve ever seen.


Peace & God Bless, (NOT ALLAH) Andrew

A real God doesn’t need to have humans kill each other, probably doesn’t even need humans period. But if he loves humans and his creation, he’s not going to like some undoing it by killing. If he gave us magnificent minds and free will, he’s not really going to want us to surrender it as if to throw out the most magnificent thing he created and the greatest gift he empowered humans with.

Anyway, I really dislike it when Muslims say they believe the same thing we believe. On the other hand, maybe Islam is the true religion. Or was it Mormons? or I just don’t know.

Separate a government from religions. Islam seeks to destroy all religions except Islam and merge Islam with Government.

Where Muslims are minority in an infidel land all symbols of prosperity and progress of the infidel majority are exhorted by the Mullahs to be resented and brought down. And this is the genesis of the riots as well as the inertia that the Muslim community shows regarding nation building and its economy. Muslims are actively discouraged to desist from nation building activities by the fanatical clerics as such participation will only strengthen the well being of the Khafir. That is why Muslims resent all symbols of nationalism arguing that it is against their tenets.

b> Infiltrating deeply into the corridors of power through vote bank politics and voting negatively:

While nation building is actively discouraged, the clerics encourage their faithful to actively participate in the miasma of vote-bank politics and vote negatively especially towards those policies and leaders that
believe in true nation building. Voting is encouraged and in fact MANDATED only for those candidates who champion appeasement of Islam and the clerics. Most of these clerics are past masters in using their oratory skills to effect this bloc negative voting. Again, lines in the Koran as to how to subvert the infidel
from the inside when in minority give ample explanation for this negative voting pattern.

Bloc votes thus becomes a powerful weapon in the hands of these fanatical clerics and makes them extremely
powerful over and above their actual percentage of the population. Thus even at 10% the clerics will wield the electoral and political power equivalent to 40% of the majority community, whose votes are of course fragmented. A beeline of crony unethical politicians,, whose goal is only money and power, consequently

forms at the door of these clerics. Even at 10%, the Muslim leadership develops a steel like stranglehold on
the corridors of power and electoral fortunes of the infidel land. And the clerics are the least bothered that their political bedfellows are
some of the worst rogue and corrupt elements in the land. All that matters for them is that Islam is appeased and the platform
is laid for the future from where complete Islamization of the infidel land is fully effected. That these clerics themselves also grow in their personal wealth and power in this process is no less a powerful factor in this sordid equation.

Effectively hijacking the political rhetoric of the land from DEVELOPMENT to SECULARISM:

With their rising numbers and exponentially increasing political power, the clerics succeed in completely hijacking the national political rhetoric/dialogue and completely skew it towards the topic of secularism ( something which they ironically do not believe in when in majority) and catering to increasing demands of Islam. And often their political bedfellows (read
psecular politicians) are the first and most enthusiastic ones to help them in this regard. And sadly, true progress
and development that encompasses all the denizens of the land takes a backseat or is completely wiped out of the rhetoric. One hardly sees any Muslim leader that talks for progress and development of all. Only Muslims matter to them.
And as Muslim population increases towards 25% and beyond, secularism and Islamic rights becomes the SOLE political rhetoric and all nationalist minded politicians are rendered completely to the fringes. Kashmir, Kerala, Assam, UP, and WB have already tasting this kind of a situation, which unfortunately is only going to get worse for our land and there seems to be no way out.

Constant threats of riots and violence if secularism is not addressed.

Once this secularism bug has taken over the rhetoric, its child (read riots) starts rearing its ugly head. From then on it is riots, riots, and more riots if Islamist demands are unmet, Moreover, Islamists are masters at inducing a false guilt complex on the majority and making them take the blame of all the rioting. The psecular politicians
also help them in this regard. The hapless and harried majority is thereby softened up and psychologically weakened
for their complete capitulation and surrender to Islam that will slowly but surely visit upon them in the future.

Is there a solution:

Saying NO to appeasement Vote-bank politics and neutralizing it in the bud as Modi has effectively done over more
than 3 terms in Gujarat is the only way out. That is why the political dialogue of Gujarat is free of this secular virus.

The policy makers there effectively concentrate on universal all-round development without worrying whether some irate intolerant Mullahs are going to get upset here or there. This is what is needed all over the land and only politicians with an anti-jehaad mindset can effectively steer the rudder of the national political rhetoric and keep it focused on development without giving undue importance to the fanatical clerics. That is why fanatical clerics always hate strong national leaders of any nation.

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