Jihad vs. The Crusades: The Winner Is? “Robert Spencer Crusades vs Jihad. Get your facts” on YouTube

Well depending on your point of view, Islam wins.

Whenever you’re dealing with an apologist for Islam, or even a Muslim, and you bring up jihad, almost immediately, they kickback to you: “But what about those terrible crusades? Why they’re the moral justification for jihad and we’re just as bad as they are. So let’s not talk about jihad, okay? Let’s talk about the Crusades.”

Syria, Iraq, Egypt, North Africa, and Persia, at the time of the first Crusade was already under Islamic rule. These were the lands of Patriarchaat Christiandom the most important hubs of Christianity. 

It took 450 years after being overwhelmed by Islamic Jihadists for the Emperor of Byzantine Alexius I Comnenus to send a delegation to Piacenza, Italy, asking Pope Urban II in March 1095 for help against the Turks on November 27th 1095, in Clermont, France Pope Urban II to call for a Crusade to help the Byzantines and free the city of Jerusalem.

Some more facts. 

Dr. Bill Warner has created a database that shows the 548 battles that Islam fought: Jihad battles against classical civilization. This isn’t even all the battles. It doesn’t include battles in Africa, India, Afghanistan and other locations. It’s primarily at data base of the battles against the classical civilization of Rome and Greece. 

548 battles are a lot, maybe too many for some to comprehend. 

Listen to Robert Spencer explain in detail the Crusades that were in response to Islamic Conquest.

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