1961: Genocidal pro-Nazi Arab leader: Ahmad Shukairy, ‘father’ of ‘Apartheid’ slander:


Submitted by Gloria (United States), Jun 10, 2011 at 14:38

1961: Genocidal pro-Nazi Arab leader: Ahmad Shukairy, ‘father’ of ‘Apartheid’ slander

Also transcribed: Ahmad Shukairy, Ahmad Al-Shukairy, Ahmad al-Shukairi, Ahmad el-Shukairy, Ahmed Shukeiry, al-Shuqayri, Shukeiri, Shukeiry, Shuqeiri, Shuqairy.

The idea to slander Israel via a false analogy to “apartheid” of S. Africa, dates back to an October 1961 speech by Saudi Arabia’s representative Ahmad Shukairy during a strongly anti-Western chide. He went as far as to object to Israel’s right to try Nazi extermination chief of WW2: Eichmann.**

1961 – That’s about 6 Years before the so-called “occupation” even came about, yet, it was picked up by Arab propaganda machine ever since, and has been “adjusted” to any situation between Israel and its Arab attackers. As this well ‘oil’ greased machine (Arab oil lobby never advocated for the Arab-Palestinians, but has used them against Israel) went on, demagogue-like symbolism [like the security fence] have been used and included to be “updated,” to make the criminal propaganda seem somehow “legitimate.”


1 – Ahmad Shukari (1908-1980) was born in Lebanon,* lived in Egypt and in Saudi Arabia.

2 – Was as an aide to infamous Haj Amin al-Husseini Hitler’s ally*** (the Mufti, who worked closely with the Nazis* and prevented Jewish children from being rescued during WW2**) and he himself admired Nazism.

3 – Became assistant Secretary General for the Arab League from 1950-56.

4 – Served as Saudi Arabia’s representative to the UN from 1957-1962.

5 – Famous for his 1956 admission to the falsehood of a “Palestinian” (distinct) people, or Palestine as a “separate” Arab entity.*******

6 – His openly [shocking] pro-Nazism was expressed in 1962 at the UN while praising a Nazi group.**

7 – Was the first to head the PLO in 1964. In [his] then “Palestinian” original charter, there’s no call for a “homeland” or so-called “rights,” but as part of a ‘pan-Arab’ struggle.*

8 – Was very instrumental in the six-day war of June 1967 by collective Arab nations whose leaders, like Shukairy called to annihilate Israel.**

9 – Before the 1967 six-day war, he coined the [extermination] phrase: “Driving the Jews unto the sea.” / “Throwing the Jews into the sea.”*****

The Arab leadership admitted to the statement, later on.* Another ‘Palestinian’ Arab personality (who was murdered by fellow Arab-Palestinians) acknowledged his error.* After the six-day war, realizing the great damage it has dome to Arabs, Arab propagandists, including Shukairy himself, tried, somehow to “transform” his statement from the meaning of annihilation to the meaning of “transfer” of Jews (or ‘ethnic cleansing’), but it was too late, the clarity of his authentic genocide message was already publicized.*

10 – First head of the ‘Palestine Liberation Organization’ (PLO) in 1964, that’s 3 Years before the “occupation,” (what is referred to Israel’s victory over Arab aggression in 1967) he called for “liberation” (of what?)* Indeed: terrorism proceeded “occupation.”

There you have it, Arab racism, Nazism and Arab genocide hiding behind “liberation,” has invented the “apartheid” meme against its victim: Israel.

Old tactics: the typical hypocritical element of “accusing” Israel with the crime of the Arabs, that of “nazism,” was also encapsulated by this Arab-Nazi mastermind of ‘Arab-Palestine’ in his elaborated opposition to try Eichmann

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