Statistics And The Meaning Of Islam > Bill Warner

By the numbers: A Statistical analysis of the Islamic texts that make up the religious doctrine Muslims read to be fully adherent to Islam. 

Islam is unique compared to other religions in very stark and distinguishable ways.

1. Islam has no Golden Rule, ‘do unto others as they would do unto you.’  This is obligatory with all other religions and belief systems, except Islam. 

2. The Quran, Hadith, and Sira spend a majority of their text devoted to instructing Muslims how to treat and interact with Kafirs. Kafir is another word for unbeliever, but much more derogatory. Kafirs are the most vile, dirty, and disgusting people on the face of the earth. 

3. The 2nd most prominent topic within the trilogy of Islamic texts is devoted to Jihad or Holy War.  Muslim apologists will have you believe Jihad is about an inner struggle, there’s very little evidence of this within any of the texts. 98% of the trilogy discusses when, why, and how Muslims should engage in Jihad which is obligatory, offensive, subversive, and violent.

Jihad comes in 4 forms: The Pen, Tongue, Finance, and finally the Sword. The first three as instructed by Muhammad should be used when Muslims are in the minority and not strong enough for the Jihad of the sword. 

In practice when Muslims are in Dar al Harb the house of War, which is all land not under Islamic rule or Dar al Islam the house of Islam, Jihad by the Pen, Tongue, and Finance are acts of sedition against the host country. Muhammad has decreed that all Muslims to be in full adherence must engage in one or more forms of Jihad.

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