Islamic Scholars Say…

That any true investigation into the Qur’an and the meaning of each verse, requires if not demands a study of the doctrine of abrogation.

To perform the 5 pillars a Muslim needs the Hadith (Bukhari, Muslim), to perform them, and give context to in the Quran. The Qur’an is notoriously incoherent, not in sequential order, although when put into order, is basically two books, the Mecca Verses and the Medina verses. The latter almost entirely void of any decency, certainly nothing that teaches a Muslim how to be a better child of God.

Law of abrogation
Qur’an 21:06 When we cancel a message or throw it into Oblivion we replace it with one better or one similar do you not know that God has the power over all things
Qur’an 13:39 God abrogates or confirms whatsoever he will, for he has with him the book of all books
Qur’an 16: 101 When we replace a message with another and God knows best what he reveals. They said you have made it up. Yet most of them do not know.
Islamic scholar Abu-al-Kasim Hibat-Allah bin Salama like many scholars say any investigation into the Qur’an has to startt with the science of abrogating and abrogated versus.

When put into chronological order the Qur’an gets increasingly more hostile towards all non-believers ending with Surah 9, the “Ultimatum.” Is the most important chapter certain issues of abrogation in Jihad against non-believers. Scholars agree this Revelation was given to Muhammad and year before his death in 631. This chapter contains nothing but violent passages that abrogate all the previous peaceful versus. In Mecca Muhammad preached restraint against non-believers, but in Sura 9 He commands all Muslims to fight against the Pagans as well against the ‘People of The Book,’ Jews and Christians, if they do not Embrace Islam or pay the Jizya a religious tax if unbelievers wish to live. Pay the jizya tax and live as a Dhimmi or 2nd-class citizen unable to practice your religion or do much of anything besides being a whipping boy for Muslims.

In the end all Christians as well as whoever doesn’t believe in ISLAM needs to know:
1. Adherent Muslims see the world in only 2 distinct ways. Dar-al Harb or house of War and Dar-al Islam the house of Islam. The house of Islam is where the Sharia rules over the land and the House of War is all areas of the Earth where Sharia does not rule, that they are at war with until it is.
2. There are 3 canonical texts in Islam, the Qur’an, Hadith (Bukhari, Muslim), and Sira by Ibn Ishaq. If it’s not in one of those three it’s not Islamic Doctrine.
3. Jihad is not spiritual, or a battle within one’s self to overcome worldly sins. 98% of Jihad in the 3 canons is of military conquest and colonization.
4. Jihad is obligatory
5. Martyrdom is the only guaranteed way to Paradise this is why we see so many Muslims that have lived a life of crime, alcohol, and drugs turn to an act of suicide bombing, it absolves all past sins & guarantees passage. Do you understand how dangerous that concept is, not even Muhammad knew he was going to Paradise. The most devout of all Muslims does not know they are going to Paradise unless they commit an act of jihad and die in the process.
5. Dying in the act of Jihad is the only way to guarantee a spot in paradise and your 72.
6. Muslims can never be the true friends of nonbelievers, Taqiyya.
7. Islamic doctrine allows Muslims to lie to non-believers for the advancement of Islam. This Doctrine obviously can get used in many different contexts as long as a slim justification can be made that it’s advancing the interests of Islam.
8. Hijra the migration doctrine. Modeled after Muhammad’s exile to Medina where he first achieved success. Muslim Brotherhood had their blueprint in of Civilization Jihad or Stealth Jihad exposed in Federal court documents during the Holy Land Foundation trial. Explain how Muslims would integrate into our society creating groups organizations that looked friendly enough but we’re actually meant to destroy our traditions beliefs and values creating a Islamic alternative destroying our future house with our own hands is how it was worded. All Americans should look over this document The Explanatory Memorandum for North America. Strategic Goal for The Ikhwan, or Muslim Brotherhood.

My advice to all Christians is no more Interfaith dialogues, it’s pointless. They’re laughing and how soft we are, they believe we are already submitting.
Stand against minion all immigration from Islamic countries without a revised vetting system that questions faith.

Islam has no Golden Rule, do unto others, Islam is not like other religions in fact it’s not a religion if we were to quantify the amount of religiious teaching opposed to how to conduct Jihad or how Muslims are to treat unbelievers. Those two topics take up over 80% of what’s contained in Islam’s canonical texts, the Qur’an, Hadith, and Sira.

Islam is an all encompassing belief system, a fascistic ideology that cloaks itself in religion. It can be proven that the commands and edicts found within the Quran and Hadith stand in polar opposition to our Constitution. Moreover when a Muslim is in complete compliance with it’s doctrine, would be engaging in sedition against the United States.

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