20-year-old law student, Mariana Fuentes Soto, shot and killed

On Saturday another student was victim to Mexico’s culture of hyper-violence during a suspected assault last night in the city of Puebla.

According to the first reports, the young woman, student of the Autonomous University of Puebla (BUAP), was intercepted by alleged assailants around nine o’clock at night when she arrived at the house of a friend with whom she had left to leave. The facts were registered in the colony Reforma Agua Azul where, according to the neighbors, daily assaults are committed.

Journalistic versions gather that two assailants tried to take their phone from the student of the Faculty of Law. According to these, her friends only heard the young woman shout and immediately heard a shot. On leaving, they found Fuentes Soto lying on the floor with a head wound that caused his immediate death.

The prosecution cordoned off the area, but until Sunday morning it has not issued official information of the events. In a tweet, the Prosecutor’s Office only pointed out that “we will carry out the corresponding investigations to find those responsible”.

This happened two weeks after authorities confirmed that Mara Castilla, a young student of the Puebla Autonomous University of Puebla (UPAEP), was killed, allegedly by the driver, after taking a Cabify taxi to return home.

Faced with this crime, thousands of women took to the streets, to express their repudiation and demand a halt to feminicidal violence in the country.

The state of Puebla, one hour from the capital, is one of the most insecure states for women and according to different civil associations that qualify the fact of feminicide, there are 86 feminicides so far in 2017.



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