Public Schools’ “Social Justice Education” Cloaks Marxist Teaching

By Lee Duigon December 21, 2007 It seems atheists have developed a comprehensive strategy to win the minds of the next generation. The strategy can be described simply: let the religious people breed them, and we will educate them to despise their parents’ beliefs. —Dinesh D’Souza[1] This doctrine of social justice became a declaration of... Continue Reading →

Identity Politics (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy) The Leftist trump card is in it's death throws, has become utterly irrational, vicious, and very dangerous.  Spawning out of Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn's promotion of the term "White Skin Privilige," intending to start a race war, came "Whiteness studies" an actual Academic discipline.  Identity Politics First published Tue Jul 16, 2002; substantive... Continue Reading →

Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing: Obama’s Latest Disaster | National Review 10   (Nathanhartallen/Dreamstime) Attention America’s Suburbs: You Have Just Been Annexed ‌ Stanley KurtzJuly 20, 2015 10:01 AM It’s difficult to say what’s more striking about President Obama’s Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing  (AFFH) regulation: its breathtaking radicalism, the refusal of the press to cover it, or its potential political ramifications. The danger AFFH poses to Democrats explains why the... Continue Reading →

Watch “Andrew Breitbart — Media War” on YouTube Breitbart, Uncommon Knowledge Andrew Breitbart understood  Cultural Marxism and how it has infected our society. Cultural Marxist or today what I would call Leftists, have been undermining our culture and traditions since the early nineteen-hundreds. Now #Islamists have adopted their tactics, which was  easy to do since their original texts the Quran, Hadiths, and... Continue Reading →

Bernie’s Thug Life

Bernie Sanders the "Democratic Socialist" which is the term for Failed or Lazy marxist. Sanders who didn't have a job until 40, is the example of American public Education that is has gotten progressively worse since the 1970s Bernie Sanders himself hold an audience your college education isn't as good as my High School education was. I have to agree these college kids today barely so the intelligence of my peers 10th grade

When Leftists Believe the Race of a Judge Matters: By Ann Coulter

Donald Trump has every right to question the bias of Judge Curiel. One does not join an Association that uses the term La Raza for benign reasons. La Raza is an ideology of ethnic superiority no different than what members of the KKK believe. What is represented by the National Council of La Raza is a sanitized publicly acceptable version that has been altered, groomed, and conditioned for the sole purpose of deniability. After years of being stigmatized as Brown version of the KKK along with their rhetoric and a history that is easily researched, the power structure within the La Raza movement made a coherent and strategic decision to change it's outward appearance. Members of the Raza decided to go to school get degrees become doctors, teachers, lawyers, and judges, not dissimilar to what the Russians and KGB did during the Cold War. La Raza is not only an ideology ethnic superiority it's also Marxist in nature.

Identity Politics: Another Leftist Ad Hoc Theory Meant To Divide

Identity politics a Leftist tool we've come to absolutely despise.

Black Americans As Victims of the Left – Discover the Networks

Welcome to Discover the Networks. This website describes the networks and agendas of the political Left.    BLACK AMERICANS AS VICTIMS OF THE LEFT   Victims of the Left: Black Americans This essay examines specifically how the left, in its self-identified quest to elevate African Americans by means of myriad social justice campaigns, has in... Continue Reading →

Milwaukee Under Democratic Rule- Discover the Networks

As with all major cities that been exclusively run by Democrats for 30+ years, they are all failing and strife with poverty, crime, and cultural deprivation.

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