The Long March Through The Institutions

"I had dozens of comrades on the New Left who became union officials, broadcasters, TEACHERS and lecturers (the old polytechnics were full of such people) with this explicit motivation."   Baroness Morgan, a Labour peer, was sacked as head of Ofsted after Michael Gove decided that he wanted a new face at the schools' inspectorate Photo: REUTERS By Janet... Continue Reading →

5 Countries Where Femicide Is At Its Worst And What We Can Do To Help – Elite Daily Twitter 5 Countries Where Femicide Is At Its Worst And What We Can Do To Help Kristina Udice in WORLD Jun 19, 20159:43a With recent outrage in Argentina over the brutal murder of 14-year-old Chiara Paez, the conversation about femicide has been reignited in mainstream media. The young girl was allegedly beaten... Continue Reading →

Identity Politics (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy) The Leftist trump card is in it's death throws, has become utterly irrational, vicious, and very dangerous.  Spawning out of Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn's promotion of the term "White Skin Privilige," intending to start a race war, came "Whiteness studies" an actual Academic discipline.  Identity Politics First published Tue Jul 16, 2002; substantive... Continue Reading →

Mexico’s Enrique Peña Nieto’s Ugly History of Police Violence Against Protesters – The Atlantic How Sexualized Violence Is Used as a Weapon of War To exert power: A 2012 report analyzing the effects of violence on women in Mexico, co-produced by the Nobel Women’s Initiative and JASS, found that government officials and their security forces were often the worst perpetrators of sexualized violence and used it as a tool to “intimidate and... Continue Reading →

Watch “Andrew Breitbart — Media War” on YouTube Breitbart, Uncommon Knowledge Andrew Breitbart understood  Cultural Marxism and how it has infected our society. Cultural Marxist or today what I would call Leftists, have been undermining our culture and traditions since the early nineteen-hundreds. Now #Islamists have adopted their tactics, which was  easy to do since their original texts the Quran, Hadiths, and... Continue Reading →

“No Religion Endorses The Murder of Innocents.”

That's Barack Obama, and I agree with him. I agree, and as such we should not treat Islam as a religion, but as a totalitarian mysoginistic, Fascistic ideology, dedicated to the conquest of all nonbelievers.  The Fraud of Islam is that it's not a religion at all and the only reason it resembles one at... Continue Reading →

5 Countries Where Femicide Is At Its Worst And What We Can Do To Help –

Identity Politics: Another Leftist Ad Hoc Theory Meant To Divide

Identity politics a Leftist tool we've come to absolutely despise.

In 2015, 19,000 Criminal Illegal Immigrants Were Released From Custody

  In 2015, 19,000 Criminal Illegal Immigrants Were Released From Custody Josh Siegel / @SiegelScribe / April 28, 2016 / 29 comments The U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement Agency says it had sole discretion over one-third of the 19,723 criminal releases of illegal immigrants in 2015. (Photo: Ciro Cesar/La Opinion/Newscom) More than 19,000 criminal illegal... Continue Reading →

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