When Leftists Believe the Race of a Judge Matters: By Ann Coulter

Donald Trump has every right to question the bias of Judge Curiel. One does not join an Association that uses the term La Raza for benign reasons. La Raza is an ideology of ethnic superiority no different than what members of the KKK believe. What is represented by the National Council of La Raza is a sanitized publicly acceptable version that has been altered, groomed, and conditioned for the sole purpose of deniability. After years of being stigmatized as Brown version of the KKK along with their rhetoric and a history that is easily researched, the power structure within the La Raza movement made a coherent and strategic decision to change it’s outward appearance. Members of the Raza decided to go to school get degrees become doctors, teachers, lawyers, and judges, not dissimilar to what the Russians and KGB did during the Cold War. La Raza is not only an ideology ethnic superiority it’s also Marxist in nature.