What is Common Core? David Horowitz’s DTN gives us the most detailed & horrific offering to date. Tell @johnkasich

Common Core is not unlike Teaching for Social Justice, it’s the dare I say the politically correct way of saying American education is now completely controlled by Leftists, administered by Leftists, taught by Leftists, and funded by Leftists.

Common Core does not teach an accurate history, especially, when it comes to American history. The curriculum boils the United State’s role down to a series of Injustices, oppression, and racism on a scale unmatched by any other country on record.

As an aside if you’re a white student you might end up wanting to kill yourself, or apologize to every disadvantaged, suppressed, oppressed, underserved, and marginalized persons of a slightly darker shade. According to Common Core history no one of any other race or ethnicity has committed a sin or crime against man other than whites.