1961: Genocidal pro-Nazi Arab leader: Ahmad Shukairy, ‘father’ of ‘Apartheid’ slander:

The Palestinians are a made up people, to be used against the state Israel to Delgitimize it and make the so-called Palestinians into a sympathetic Muslim people, where there is a lack of sympathetic figures. The Islamic world of nation-states has the largest organization at the UN in a population of about 480 million, surrounds the state of Israel, which has a population of 8-9 million 20% being non-Jewish.

The Truth about the Palestinian People

The has never been any people in history called the Palestinians. There has never been a Palestinian state, Nation, or country. The area Romans declared as Palestine was populated mostly by Jews. Today’s “Palestinians” are Jordanians, Syrians, Egyptians, and other assorted Arab refugees.

Bernie’s Thug Life

Bernie Sanders the “Democratic Socialist” which is the term for Failed or Lazy marxist. Sanders who didn’t have a job until 40, is the example of American public Education that is has gotten progressively worse since the 1970s Bernie Sanders himself hold an audience your college education isn’t as good as my High School education was. I have to agree these college kids today barely so the intelligence of my peers 10th grade