1961: Genocidal pro-Nazi Arab leader: Ahmad Shukairy, ‘father’ of ‘Apartheid’ slander:

The Palestinians are a made up people, to be used against the state Israel to Delgitimize it and make the so-called Palestinians into a sympathetic Muslim people, where there is a lack of sympathetic figures. The Islamic world of nation-states has the largest organization at the UN in a population of about 480 million, surrounds the state of Israel, which has a population of 8-9 million 20% being non-Jewish.

The Truth about the Palestinian People

The has never been any people in history called the Palestinians. There has never been a Palestinian state, Nation, or country. The area Romans declared as Palestine was populated mostly by Jews. Today’s “Palestinians” are Jordanians, Syrians, Egyptians, and other assorted Arab refugees.