Muslim Brotherhood & The Explanatory Memorandum For North America

    We at the Center for Security Policy feel it is important for Americans to better understand– and, then, be able to successfully contend with– those that attempt to destroy or subvert our way of life. As making our nation’s enemies’ threat doctrines available is a key part of our educational efforts, we are … Continue reading Muslim Brotherhood & The Explanatory Memorandum For North America

Critics In Islam Get Delt

  Jihad Is The Muslim War Doctrine, That Is Obligatory For Every Muslim To Engage In, Martyrdom Is The Only Way To Guarantee Entry Into Paradise. Killing Critics #Blasphemy #Islam #Mohammed What is the punishment for insulting Islam or Muhammad? Under Sharia, those who insult Muhammad or Allah are to be executed. So are those … Continue reading Critics In Islam Get Delt

Islam’s House of Islam and House of War

Adherent Muslims see the world in two ways, a part of the world that is ruled by Islamic law, Sharia implemented by Muslims and the rest of the world which they are at war with, DAR al-harb, until that part of the world comes under Islamic rule.

Sharia: The Truth about Islamic Law

Sharia (Islamic Law) Sharia is Islamic Law.  It is the religious legal system that governs the political, social and moral duties of faithful Muslims.  It is what is meant by "God's Law." The Sharia was derived from the Sunnah - the way of life of Muhammad as recorded in the Hadith (traditions).  It pulls various … Continue reading Sharia: The Truth about Islamic Law

Al-Azhar | The Counter Jihad Report

Barack Obama held up Al-azhar University as a model of moderation, maybe like his version of Islam that has nothing to do with attacks by Muslims, such as in San Bernardino or Orlando. His version where the future doesn't belong to those who "Slander The Prophet." What exactly did he mean by that, would something happen to those who "slandered" Mohammed and a slander is a falsehood or an untruth told about someone. I haven't heard anyone tell any falsehoods about Muhammad except for people like himself.

How Does Sharia Define Jihad:

Jihad is offensiveand obligatory, only 2% of the total sacred text does Jihad refer to an inner struggle.

The Study of Political Islam: Sharia Law

The 5 truths about Shari'a We know we are learning the truth about the Sharia because Muslims are telling us that we don’t understand it. A Washington Post guest writer put forth a refutation of the myths about the Sharia. Of course he makes deceptive arguments about Islam. The Sharia is a process of applying … Continue reading The Study of Political Islam: Sharia Law